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jigaku jishu (Spirit of Freedom)

Spirit of japanese, from my most beloved pal Douche.

I guess that sums up the reason for the war,the fight that lasted 18*365 + 4*31 days of questioning.Freedom.
I looked at Mandela,his victory won a whole country recognition and honor. I looked at Rambo,he used his freedom to fight for the good of others. I even looked at my own classmates,they use their freedom to live.And live a happy life full of moments they can remember.
What will i use my freedom for?

I used to think its only a matter of time before somebody would give me all my freedom at once,and I would sore like a bird..I made the mistake of believing that and wishing for that for a very long time.When really,I realized every single degree of freedom,is,as Vatti would say, every single ounce of responsibility left up to you.
I may not be responsible for the independance of my nation, but i am responsible for the value of life given unto me by God.

Ha!im not religous,but I’m reflective. I took some time to understand. This freedom, is not a playing field as some of us would like to think.Them,they play it safe and live life today. This freedom is my oppurtunity to prove i can make good choices, choices worth remembering that will impact my life in a really big way.

My freedom,has limits,but so does my life. Because the limit for life is death and the limit for freedom is having no choice at all.


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Hi I'm Dramasque Diva. My blog is all about what is in my head. My blog name is Dramastrois after the 3 personalities I assume on a daily basis. Dramasque's 3(trois is french for 3). I usually write really random stuff, some of those include poems, stories, sex stories even.. lol. I have a combination of stuff on my blog. so by all means, come and check it out if you're interested n what goes on in my head!!

2 responses to “jigaku jishu (Spirit of Freedom)

  1. Douche

    Bearings beyond boundaries drowned in fire yet the heart still swims!!!

    your dawn shall cast no shadows.

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